Industrial Nursing Service

Our top priority is to ensure the health, wellness, and safety of your workers.

We have one of the most experienced and qualified teams of nurses working in isolated industrial camps. Our nurses are specially trained and have the experience needed to keep your workers healthy and safe.

When you choose MON+, you are choosing a business partner. We will work as an integral part of your team to provide personalized service to meet your needs.

Prevention: Occupational health and safety

In addition to providing training, our health and safety advisors give your company’s managers occupational health and safety advice and support. They promote prevention and safe behaviors in the workplace, help identify occupational risks and hazards, and suggest steps to eliminate these issues. They can develop and implement or update health and safety policies, procedures, and programs. Our advisors always work in conjunction with management to ensure the health and safety of your workers.


Telemedicine is the use of specialized equipment to facilitate medical care through telecommunications and technology. It involves evaluating patients and delivering health care remotely by exchanging patients’ medical information.

We can outfit your clinics with this modern equipment that, when used in tandem with the services of our highly experienced nurses and specialized on-call doctors, will optimize your workers’ care, ensure fast, accurate patient diagnoses, and generate considerable savings by avoiding non-essential evacuations and other expenses.

On-call phone or telemedicine service

On-call service is provided by our team of highly specialized doctors who are passionate about practicing medicine in remote areas.

Our doctors are selected based on their experience and expertise practicing medicine in remote areas and providing on-call service for businesses operating in isolated locales.

With our on-call service, one of our doctors is available 24 hours a day in case one of your workers is involved in an accident or becomes sick and requires medical attention from a doctor pursuant to the established protocol.

Clinic setup and compliance upgrade services

We offer comprehensive clinic setup and compliance upgrade services for your permanent facilities and camps in remote areas.

We can help you get all the supplies, medical equipment and medication needed to run a full-service clinic and provide for the safety of your workers.

We can also help bring your existing clinics into compliance.

Care protocols

Our team of doctors can draft and issue various group care and prescription drug protocols to help you respond quickly should any of your employees need routine and/or urgent care.


A la carte training service

We can help you with a variety of training needs, including

  • Paramedic training (pursuant to your industry’s standards)
  • Training based on the most recent mine rescue training manual published by your occupational health and safety authority
  • Occupational health and safety prevention
  • Occupational health and safety training
  • CPR, ACLS, PHTLS, and more

Pre-employment physicals and regular checkups

We offer comprehensive, personalized health management services tailored to your specific needs, including checkups for your current workers and pre-employment physicals for your future employees.

We can also design special health services to meet your particular needs.